Our Process
So you have decided to do some Water Marketing. Getting started is very simple. At a minimum all you need is a Label Design, a quantity and an address we can ship to. If you can send us those things we can have your order to you in less than 3 weeks. Or just Contact Us and we will get you started.

For maximum return on your marketing dollar, WATERthatWORKS has developed a Water Marketing methodology with proven results. WATERthatWORKS is happy to guide you through all of the steps listed below to ensure your program is a success.
  1. Define the purpose of you Water Marketing campaign. Are you hoping to generate leads, increase brand awareness, fund-raise, increase your membership, etc? Will your campaign be supporting an existing marketing initiative or is this a new program?

  2. Clearly define in advance your goals for the campaign and your measures for success (new customers, leads, web hits, etc). Refer to our Case Studies to get an idea of how successful Water Marketing can be.

  3. Define your target market with as much detail as possible as well as where they are located. WATERthatWORKS will design and execute a distribution strategy that will ensure your message is delivered into the hands of your target market. Our Free H2O Network may be a good place to start.

  4. Design a label that appeals to your target market, preferably with a specific call to action like a coupon, a discount, a giveaway or a URL for a web-based promotion. The call to action should provide measurable results. WATERthatWORKS can provide complete graphic design services or we can work with your existing design team. To generate some design ideas refer to our Gallery or our Case Studies. Label design is open to your discretion but must meet our Label Specifications.

  5. After you have approved the label WATERthatWORKS will begin the production of your labels and bottled water. Your water will be delivered in a timely fashion, either to your location or distributed directly to your target market.

  6. Reap the benefits of this very effective form of marketing, provide a reference for WATERthatWORKS and call us for you next program.