Massey College - University of Toronto
"Massey College has been delighted in its relationship with WATERthatWORKS - we have found branding our bottled water and having it available at special meetings, symposia and conferences, has left a very positive impression with our students, friends and colleagues. This is a project that will be continued with enthusiasm."
-John Fraser, Master of Massey College.

The Boulevard Club - Private Club
"I can't say enough about the success of our water marketing program and the people at WATERthatWORKS. For about a third of the price of our direct mail campaign, water marketing has produced far better results. In fact, a year of water marketing paid for itself in the first three weeks of the program! The professionals at WATERthatWORKS have guided us through every step of the program and really did put our message right in the hands of our target market. I would highly recommend the services of WATERthatWORKS to any growing business."
-Yvonne Camus, Director of Membership, Sales & Marketing.

Oni One - Furniture, Interior Design
"It has been a real pleasure working with the people at WATERthatWORKS. They are true professionals, they have a great product and real marketing vision, to go along with great water. Our Water Marketing program included using Oni One branded water for in-store seminars, accenting displays, company events and as a complimentary beverage for our customers. The program has been a great way to compliment our existing marketing strategy and build our brand recognition.

I can't say enough about the service provided by WATERthatWORKS! They handled everything from our first meeting, through design, to delivery and more. I would highly recommend the benefits of Water Marketing for any business and the people at WATERthatWORKS will make it happen"
-Pina Crispo, Marketing & Public Relations, Cecconi Simone.

Colliers International - Commercial Real Estate
"At Colliers International we discovered the value in using custom labelled water as a promotional vehicle. We explored a number of suppliers and determined that WATERthatWORKS offers a superior product, price and overall turnkey service. Not only did WATERthatWORKS meet our initial rush order timeline but they personally delivered it right to the event. Our second order was delivered even faster than anticipated. They even proactively offered creative marketing ideas for measurable promotional campaigns. With service like this I have no doubt that WATERthatWORKS is the best in the business. We look forward to working with WATERthatWORKS on our next event."
-Cara Levy, Marketing Manager, Colliers International.

Lecol - Distribution
"At one of our annual trade shows this year we decided that bottled water with our Lecol label would be a great idea for a giveaway at our booth. You know you've made the right decision when you have dozens of people advertising your name simply by walking around, drinking your bottled water.

Our customers really appreciated the gesture, and it is guaranteed to increase traffic to your booth. The people at WATERthatWORKS know how to help us make the right impression with our customers."
-Colleen Hrivnak, Vice President, Lecol Sales inc.