Product Launches:
Your organization is launching a brand new product, a new version of an old product, a new service or even a whole new division, and you want everybody to know about it. You could spend a lot of money designing and delivering a fancy new brochure or invitation that gets as much mind share as your local pizzeria's flyers, or you could put your message right into the hands of your target market. And what about the event itself? Surely you will be offering bottled water and you know people will be drinking it. Why advertise another company's beverages when you can reinforce YOUR brand message and leave your audience with a lasting impression.

Corporate Branding:
Stop advertising other companies' beverages within YOUR company's walls. Make every corporate function belong to your brand. From the name on the door to the message on the bottled water, make it yours. Your own custom-labeled bottled water can add to your company's prestige, image, and corporate pride. Make an impression on your clients in the boardroom, at company events, and parties.

Membership Drives:
The great thing about membership organizations is that the members usually have something in common and there are others like them that are easy to target with a marketing message. Don't deliver a message that is passed over like so many flyers on street corners or third-class mailers, give them something that is appreciated and desired - bottled water. Also, involve the current membership by providing them with a message medium that they will be proud to give to their friends. Through the use of custom-labelled bottled water with a well-designed label you will catch the attention of your target audience, and be sure that your message is read.

Lead Generation:
Looking for a way to drive more traffic through your door? Market your business and its services with a marketing tool that is well-received and leaves a favourable impression on your target audience. WATERthatWORKS can distribute your bottled water via our Free H2O Network or deliver it directly to you for your own distribution purposes.

Chocolate-covered almonds. Overripe apples. Fruitcakes. Again? How about a fund-raising tool that is a healthy alternative to the tired old staples? Bottled water is an excellent vehicle for conveying your organization's message to your target audience. Given the popularity of bottled water, and its known contents and purity, it is a far more attractive item to use to raise money for any school, club, not-for-profit, or charity. Custom-labeled bottled water provides the real estate to sufficiently express information to supporters about the cause along with a call-to-action directing people to a web site for online donations and registrations. Raise money with an item that will provide value for your supporters and your organization alike.

Trade Shows and Industry Events:
Find a better way to engage with attendees at the next tradeshow and have everyone who visits your booth market your business at all other booths they happen by. Custom-labeled bottled water will make your booth the most refreshing stop of the day!

Private Events and Parties:
Add a heightened touch of personalization to your next private event or party with custom-labeled bottled water. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions can be made even more special with such a unique offering such as bottled water. Contact Us to find out how we can help you add an extra flair to your next events.